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SleepyBeatz - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

SleepyBeatz - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

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Say Goodbye to Restless Nights and Hello to Sweet Dreams.

Soft and Comfortable Material For a Cozy Sleep Experience.

The SleepyBeatz feel like a warm hug for your face ! They are designed to block out light and noise, creating a peaceful environment for you to rest and relax in. No more dealing with uncomfortable earbuds or bulky headphones - the SleepyBeatz are the perfect Solution !


Get Connected With the Latest Bluetooth Technology.

The SleepyBeatz feature a built-in Bluetooth device that allows you to stream your favorite music or audiobooks from any deviceBut what about charging, you ask? Don't worry - these sleep headphones are designed to last for hours on a single charge ! And when it's time to clean them, simply remove the Bluetooth Device and pop it in the washing machine.

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Discover all Benefits of the SleepyBeatz


Catch some Z's in style with our SleepyBeatz! The comfy eyemask and flat speakers create the ultimate sleep experience. Plus, Bluetooth technology lets you drift off to your favorite tunes without any tangled cords.


  • Material: Polyester and sponge
  • Speaker Type: Flat speakers
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Wireless Range: 33 feet (10 meters)
  • Battery Capacity: 200mAh
  • Charging Time: 2-2.5 hours
  • Playback Time: Up to 10 hours
  • Compatibility: Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device

Note: The eyemask is removable and washable, making it easy to keep clean and fresh.

How it works

1. Charge the headphones:

Connect the headphones embedded in the SleepyBeatz to a power source using the included USB charging cable.  

2. Connect to Bluetooth:

Once fully charged, turn on the headphones by pressing and holding the power button until the LED light flashes. Then, activate Bluetooth on your device and get connected. 

3. Adjust the eyemask:

Put on the eyemask and adjust it to fit comfortably over your eyes.  

4. Play your music:

Once connected to Bluetooth, you can stream your favorite music, audiobooks, or white noise directly to the headphones. 

5. Power off:

To turn off the headphones, simply press and hold the power button until the LED light turns off. 

What's included?

  1. Eyemask with embedded flat speakers
  2. A USB charging cable
  3. A user manual

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